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New Logo, Who Dis?

Hey Butterfly,

Looky looky we have a new logo! Allow me to point out three symbols that were purposely incorporated: Butterfly, Heart, and Infinity Symbol.

The BUTTERFLY represents spiritual transformation.

Like butterflies you are born with everything necessary inside of you, to transform into a one of a kind masterpiece.

The HEARTS as the wings of the butterfly, emphasis that all lasting change must be rooted in the heart.

As  you also know, the road to transformation is created by the beating of your heart.

You’ll recognize that the butterfly is also an INFINITY sign, this is a nod to your inner DIVINE connection which makes all things possible.

Even the color were chosen purposefully, purple and gold.

Purple is the result of RED (representing your physical self), BLUE (your spiritual connections, and WHITE (clarity). Gold is the color of healing. With Divinely Ty, my mission is to help you heal the connection that restores your sense of balance and connection to the highest vibration.

Each post written is signed Divinely Ty, so that the highest part of me speaks directly to the highest part of you.

As your spiritual life coach my role is, as stated by a client, “to be the vehicle to your inner self while I teach you to be that for yourself”

My wish is that this new logo gives you a visual connection to our shared mission.

Divinely, Ty