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Damn! Five Planets Are in Retrograde

Damn, there are five planets in retrograde at the same time! What does that even mean? As your Spiritual Life Coach, I’ve got you boo (winky face).

Here are the five planets, what they represent, and the dates they go retrograde:

1) JUPITER 3/8/18-7/10/18

Planet of: Expansion, wealth, abundance, education, travel, law, wisdom, ethics


2) SATURN 4/17/18-9/6/18

Planet of: Getting focused, discipline, learning, structure, concentration, removing everything that takes away from focus (buckling down)


3) PLUTO 4/22/18-9/30/18

Planet of: Conscious evolution, transformation, spiritual expansion, rebirth and transformation


4) NEPTUNE 6/18/18-11/24/2018

Planet of: Inner self Imagination, creativity, psychic ability, concentration, being fooled,


5) MARS 6/26/18-8/27

Planet of: War, force, aggression, passion


*Bonus: Chiron – Not a planet but also in retrograde


Retrograde: Is when the planet appears to be moving backward. In a spiritual sense the energies of a planet in retrograde presents inverted qualities and reveal hidden traits.


Here’s why you’re not completely crazy and how these planets are making you feel you are:


Jupiter kicked it off by making you evaluate what is important and worth increasing in your life. The inverse of this is bringing to light the things that do not work for your highest good (i.e. thoughts about long-term career, relationship beliefs/behaviors, patterns). During this phase, you critically examine what you’ve created in your life. You may have also done an internal cleanse/detox. In retrograde, Jupiter is more about elimination than expansion.


Saturn in retrograde will ask you to recommit yourself to your goals and sift through what no longer applies. You are looking for more efficiency and an actual plan. This period highlights laziness, lack of motivation and points to the culprit (negative self-belief, poor diet, lack of support). Those things make themselves known in retrograde. Life will present situations that show you what is not working (sad face).


Pluto kicks in the door like yuuuuuurrrrppp, what’s really good!? Pluto is that inner voice that speaks with intensity, forcing you to confront what is true. It’ll walk you right to the mirror and reveal how you really feel about yourself. Pluto is basically like, “it’s you sis so you can stop lying to yourself”. Falsities are not welcomed, truth must be at the forefront during this time.


Shallow won’t due either, it’s all or nothing. Annoyance runs high during this time. You’ll find being indecisive unclear or in the dark about things to be very uncomfortable. You have a knowing that all will be revealed in divine time, and you may not really trust your decision-making due to past situations. Then you’ll hear Pluto yelling, “See that’s the problem with you now. You’re always reliving your past. Get over it”! You will be seeking purpose, via retreating more into yourself for answers.


Neptune has the energy of child poking at all your buttons looking for a reaction, in order to reveal what needs to be healed. Neptune is like …” uh huh, you say you’re healed from (presses button).” You say ouch. Neptune says, “Did that hurt? How about now? How about when I do that?” Like a child, Neptune will continue to poke. It will seem cruel but it’s necessary because you kept trying to pretend your troubles away, even convincing yourself that it was healed. You’re something else! News still have work to do but knowing is half the battle.


Last but not least there is Mars… the aggressive relative that takes everything to 1000! (Le sigh). All the other planets work together to clean all your shit out, and by the end of it you’re tired and emotionally drained …or so you thought. Here’s Mars showing up like, CLEAN THIS SHIT UP, AND FIX YOUR FACE BEFORE I GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT! Blunt, but effective in motivating you to get it together because listen, you don’t want to mess with Mars. Rumor has it that Mars just got released on bail for setting the sun on fire.


They said the Sun didn’t hear Mars speak (because he’s the 2nd smallest and has a small voice), but Mars said, “Nah he heard me” and went off! Basically, light your own fire under your ass don’t wait for Mars. This phase also tends to make you very curt preferring to get to the point of most things, no puff no fluff! Be gentle with yourself and those around you.


Five planets in retrograde at once but wait there’s more! Chiron goes retrograde July 4-July 9 rolling through bringing out all our most buried triggers and weaknesses (you are wailing at this point). Nobody even asked Chiron to come through! Here she comes like the nosey neighbor with her magic flashlight, illuminating the tenderest most hidden cavities. Then she screams to the other planets, “Aye y’all she was hiding some hurt down in her root chakra. (Face palm) SNITCH!


If you made it this far in reading this, congratulations you made it (barely). Take a deep breath!


You may be hanging on by a thread, have cursed every one of importance out, considered cutting all your hair off (twice), decided you are worthy of a better life, exhausted beyond measure… but by God you are still here!


Because you survived there are better days ahead!  I hope this has given you solace, to know you’re not entirely off your rocker. You are very sensitive to the energies around you. This also means you can tap into those same energies to make your dreams come true.


Hang in there you’ve got this butterfly!


(Side note I struggled to write this for weeks! I have been a mess. BUT I MADE IT! Hallelujah!)

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Divinely, Ty

*Passes out*