My name is Tynisha and I am a modern-day magician (cue the low rising fog, white doves, and gold glitter)!

Yes, you read that first sentence correctly and might I say you have quite the imagination with the way you visualized my magician-ness (not a word).


Honestly, I truly am a magician! I can turn energy, feelings, and unseen forces into resonating guidance (someone come get these doves). Not only can I turn the abstract into form, I also decode dreams and can make confusion evaporate.


Sure, I could have simply said, I’m psychic…but imagery is everything sweetie! Besides I like my drama in written form or art, not in my life (do you feel me!?).


In my spare time, I help people: discover their superpowers, SLAY the dragon of SELF-DOUBT, GET laser CLARITY on their PURPOSE, and MORPH their DREAMS INTO REALITY!


You could say I’m something like a genie, anything you desire I can help you figure out how to achieve it.


Even if you’re not sure of what exactly you want or have so many interests that you don’t know where to start, I can help you figure that out as well. *Yells* Can I get a sister friend witness up in here, up in here!?


To make a long story interesting, let me share my story and I’m certain you will totally relate.




I was in a career that gave me no purpose and left me mentally exhausted day in and day out. I was bored, gained weight, didn’t have good family relationships, always short on time, and never had enough money to do the things I really wanted to do. Don’t even get me started on my romantic life full of choices that devalued my worth (girrrrl, mmmm hmmmm).


*Yells AGAIN*, can I get an Amen!?  If this sounds familiar, just nod your head (I’ll feel the vibration).


My overall discontent with my life created just enough friction, within my spirit to give birth to a question that I had surprisingly never truly considered; WHAT DO YOU WANT?


The funny thing is, I knew exactly what I didn’t want  because I was doing it every day, yet I had no idea what I truly wanted. Luckily, I KNEW EXACTLY HOW I WANTED TO FEEL!

I wanted to feel HAPPY, ENERGIZED, HEALTHY, PASSIONATE, and PURPOSEFUL. Having no idea of how to go from discontent to bliss, I chased my desired feeling by making lists of my interests.


Making lists of what I enjoyed, gave me a starting point. Then I devoted time and resources into each thing on the lisst to see if any produced the feeling I was seeking.



Hold your hair girl, it’s about to get good!


Those feelings led me to discovering my psychic gifts, becoming a professional card reader, teaching workshops on self-discovery, owning a business, public speaking, improving my health, better quality of romantic relationships, and more!


All of that came from trusting my feelings.


As women, we’re told that there’s nothing like our intuition but no body gives a guide on how to use that sucker.


There I was sitting in a life I hated because I didn’t know how to use that wise guide inside of me (still shaking my head).


Side note: People always ask me, “did you always know you were psychic”.


Yes and no, yes in the sense, that I’ve always been able to know how people feel without words, how to decode dreams, and say prophetic things that made people emotional.


No in the sense, that I never knew it was special because it was all I knew, it was my norm. I didn’t take any of it seriously until my mid-twenties when I began the search to discover who I was and what I wanted.

Why do you care?


I know this is my “about me” page but I want to talk about you a little bit. You’re reading this because you’ve identified that something is “missing” in your life, you’re lacking clarity and a connection to the bigger picture.


I know exactly how it feels to wake up and not be excited about your day because you don’t enjoy what you do. You’re late to work on a regular basis, even though you don’t enjoy it, you’re good at it.


In fact, you procrastinate doing the things YOU KNOW you should be doing to change your life. You may go on one vacation a year if you’re lucky, but even then, the thought of returning to your routine life overshadows your ability to be in the moment and enjoy the vacation. You’re so busy taking care of everyone else and putting yourself last on your list.


 You know all that sugar you’re eating isn’t good for you,; Did you ever consider that’s your body’s way of saying “be sweeter to me”?


Let’s be honest, if someone asked if you’re ok, you would lie and say you’re fine even though inside you’re aching to be truly seen.


It’s no mistake you’re reading this, and if it sounds like I’M TALKING DIRECTLY TO YOU…I am. Now, I’m not promising that you’re going to be psychic but I am saying that you have a powerful inner voice that can tell you WHO YOU ARE and what you have! Got it? Cool, let’s move on.


Also, as an FYI – I’m not your Whoopie Goldberg in Ghost type of intuitive. Yes, I can do it, but my spirit very much prefers the task of translating your inner wisdom and spirit guides information. That’s my jam!


You may not have any clue of what undiscovered powers are within you right now, but you know that YOU ARE BEING CALLED TO FULFILL YOUR PERSONAL DESTINY!


I know exactly how you feel and would love the opportunity to assist you on your journey…(selfishly because that’s my personal destiny and it feels really good)!

Back to me!


When I’m not using my superpowers, I love dancing to 80’s and 90’s music, doing yoga, or hopping into random DM’s spreading positivity. Reading is my number one pastime but spending time with the people I love is at the top of the list.


Quality time is my number one love language so let me give you a little time back by wrapping this up!


If you’ve made it this far, we go together 🙂


I invite you to take a look around my site, definitely check out my client testimonials! There are also some great life lessons in my blog Divinely Written and let’s not forget the highly viewed Heart Talks  on Youtube where I share spiritual guidance to help you on your journey to becoming your best self.


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Divinely, Ty