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As a professional intuitive, spiritual teacher, spiritual advisor, social media influencer, and entrepreneur, Tynisha Scott has quickly gained attention for her heart piercing message which teaches people how to discover who they are and transform deepest desires to reality.

Using her own journey of going from being confused about her direction and true desires in life to discovering her psychic abilities and purpose, she shares her winning process of self-discovery with people all over the world. She was able to make a bridge from her career as an accountant to full blown spiritual powerhouse, using her lessons provided by her failures and wins to help people make life transitions.

Tynisha has led workshops on self-discovery, worked with youth groups such as The Champ/Gear-Up Mentor Program, The Covenant House for Homeless Teens, and most recently Abundant Me Academy teaching teens how to create a vision for their lives, develop confidence, and choose healthy friendships. She has also led workshops on learning tarot, manifestation, goal attainment, and developing psychic abilities at The Crystal Tree Shop, The Midlantic Wellness Center, and through her own spiritual guidance company Divinely Ty, LLC.

When she opens her mouth, she gives a voice to the deepest thoughts of your soul (goosebumps included).

She delivers highly passionate and resonating life lessons with a warmly familiar tone, that connect with any audience and shatters negative self-beliefs. She speaks about how to find clarity, purpose, passion, discovering and developing your natural talents, creating healthy boundaries, strengthening your intuition, and building confidence. These messages have been easily tailored to reach teens in finding their voice, millennials women seeking direction and purpose, as well as mature audiences seeking to have more fun in life!

Her driving motivation is to help people see how powerful and amazing they truly are by arming them with the tools to release any behaviors, patterns, or beliefs that have prevented them from fulfilling their potential.

Ty believes that life is meant to be lived authentically, and that it is our greatest responsibility in life to discover who we are, what gifts we arrived  with, how we are meant to serve the world, and most importantly live in our truth!

Topics/Areas of Expertise (not limited to):

  • Self-discovery – The process of learning who you are
  • Psychic Development – Identifying & developing your intuitive gifts
  • Goal Attainment – The process of making a dream your reality
  • Finding Your Voice – Learning to speak up with authenticity
  • Building Confidence – Building the strength to show up for yourself
  • Healthy Boundaries – Creating barriers to toxic relationships and situations
  • Spiritual Life Hack – Everyday application of spiritual laws for abundance
  • Everyday Intuition – Using your inner voice to get the most out of life
  • Manifestation – How to create the things you really want

She can tailor her message to address a wide range of audiences. Tynisha provides insight, entertainment, warmth and hope. Her topics encompass a wide range of applications.


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